The history of Toyryla dates back to the 1500’s with some of the wealthiest men in the village and the forbears of the Sibelius family in the 18th century, international trade in milk products in the 1900’s and bankruptcy at the beginning of 1920’s.


Toyryla is the ancestral home of the Sibelius family

The great great grandfather of Jean Sibelius, the Finnish national composer, was Matti Martinpoika. He was born as the youngest son at the Toyryla estate in 1721. The obelisk at the end of the Toyryla garden was erected in 1921 to commemorate his 200th centenary. Since then, several festivals of remembrance have been held in Sibelius’ honour.

Sibelius-suvun muistomerki

©Erja Lempinen

Ushers at the Sibelius obelisk in 1935 to commemorate the 70th birthday of Jean Sibelius

Sibelius festival parade in the 1930’s

Sibelius festival in the 1950s

Master of Toyryla manor Mr. Kalle Vuorenalho and his wife Hilma in 1931

(photo from the book ‘Finnish manors and large estates’).

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